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Using the shortcodes in Impulse Vision and Impulse Press

Bootstrap Shortcodes Impulse Vision and Impulse press come with support for shortcodes for Twitter Bootstrap layouts, components and javascript. Using the shortcodes for Bootstrap components is very simple. After activating the theme, you will see the icon (B) in the WordPress post editor bar. If you click the arrow, you will see a list of […]


Impulse Vision’s Galleries

Impulse Vision has two types of image gallery pages: a masonry page and a slider page. Both of them make use of the gallery shortcode. Creating a Masonry Gallery Create a page and click “add media”. Create Gallery and select or upload your photos, then click on bottom right “create a new gallery”. In the […]

Impulse Vision’s Post Types

Post Types Impulse Vision has different custom post types. These have specific options like explained below. Services The Services post type allows you to create a specific page with a title, description and featured image. Those services are displayed on some page templates. To create one page displaying all Services you have to choose one […]


Getting Started with Impulse Vision

Take the following steps to install Impulse Vision. Installing WordPress, installing the theme and the plugins Install WordPress – Make an installation of WordPress and set it up. Version 4.0 of WordPress is used in this tutorial Copy your theme files – Unzip your theme file. Copy the impulsepress and impulsevision directories to the themes […]