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Using the shortcodes in Impulse Vision and Impulse Press

Bootstrap Shortcodes Impulse Vision and Impulse press come with support for shortcodes for Twitter Bootstrap layouts, components and javascript. Using the shortcodes for Bootstrap components is very simple. After activating the theme, you will see the icon (B) in the WordPress post editor bar. If you click the arrow, you will see a list of […]


Using the Impulse Press home page templates

Impulse Press comes with a set of templates for basic pages and home pages. In this section we will show how to use them. The home page templates are built using WordPress widgets and have no “content”. The real content is inside the widgets. We provide some examples, but you can customize and enter any […]


The Impulse Press Options

Impulse Press has many options for customizing your theme and a powerful options panel that you can use to configure your theme. This framework is easily extendable so that you can easily add options to your theme. General Options In the general options tab, you can configure the logo of your login window, your favicon […]


Getting started with Impulse Press

In this first article, we show how to create a child theme of Impulse Press, importing some sample content, and configuring a few options. Creating a Child Theme Creating a Theme with ImpulsePress is rather straightforward. We recommend that a child theme is created, so that Theme updates don’t affect your website. ¬†Information about creating […]